My first Solo Trip


“Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the unknown can lead to the most profound personal growth. Solo travel isn’t just about discovering new places, but about discovering the strength within yourself.”Virginia Scheele

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My first solo trip to Lanzarote began with a dropped phone, leaving me without GPS or internet. Initially filled with anxiety and uncertainty, I relied on physical maps and the help of locals. This journey turned into an empowering experience of self-discovery, as I navigated volcanic landscapes and connected with the island’s community. Through the challenges, I found a new sense of strength and confidence. Join me as I share the highs and lows of this transformative solo adventure, and how it ignited my passion for travel.

Why I Travelled Solo

In my early twenties, I was single and often required to travel for work outside the holiday seasons. These trips were a mix of excitement and anxiety, a chance to explore new places and a challenge to navigate alone. My first solo adventure took me to Lanzarote, a destination that promised both beauty and discovery.

Where I Went

Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, was my destination. Known for its volcanic landscapes and stunning beaches, it was a place I had only read about in travel magazines. To my amazement, my family planned a trip to Lanzarote two weeks after mine, but unfortunately, I couldn’t join them due to work commitments. The thought of exploring its unique terrain was exhilarating, but I was also apprehensive about doing it all alone.

The First Days

Just days before my departure, I dropped my phone, rendering the GPS and internet unreliable. Despite this setback, I decided to proceed, thinking it would be an adventure to navigate without digital aids. After landing in Lanzarote, I rented a car, ready to explore. Driving through the island’s hilly and mountainous roads was a significant challenge, a stark contrast to the flat landscape of the Netherlands. My faulty GPS forced me to rely on physical maps and the kindness of locals for directions.

The initial days were tough. With my phone disconnected, I felt disconnected from myself and was forced to confront my emotions directly. Loneliness and sadness overwhelmed me, feelings of undervaluation crept in. It was a daunting and isolating experience, making me question why I had undertaken this journey in the first place.

Days of Empowerment

As time passed, I became more confident with my driving, even venturing off-road for the first time to visit Playa Papagayo. I confronted all these emotions and suddenly I didn’t feel sad but empowered. I was proud, I felt brave and because I needed to connect to the locals I wasn’t so lonely after all. In my experience, when you’re traveling solo it’s way easier to experience a destination and to connect to people.

Things I Did

Lanzarote offered so many activities that kept me engaged and fascinated. I visited a local vineyard, where I learned about the unique methods of viticulture practiced on the island. The volcanic soil and the way vines were cultivated in stone circles to protect them from the wind were fascinating. The wine, rich and distinct, was a delightful discovery.

Another highlight was exploring Timanfaya National Park, home to the island’s active volcanoes. The surreal, otherworldly landscapes of lava fields and volcanic craters were breathtaking. Guided tours provided insights into the island’s geological history, and the experience was both educational and awe-inspiring.

Going Back Home

As my trip neared its end, I reflected on the journey with a sense of accomplishment. The challenges I faced and the emotions I confronted had transformed this trip into a deeply personal and meaningful experience. Navigating through difficulties and embracing the solitude allowed me to discover a new sense of self-reliance and resilience.

Leaving Lanzarote was a bittersweet experience. There was a nostalgic feeling of missing home yet not wanting to say farewell to the incredible journey. The island had become a part of me, and the thought of leaving behind the beautiful landscapes and the warmth of the local people tugged at my heart. It was a reminder of the transient nature of travel and the lasting impact it can have.

Why I Got Motivated

Returning home, I was motivated and inspired. This solo journey taught me the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the unknown. It reinforced the idea that personal growth often comes from the most challenging experiences. Initially, I didn’t know this trip would be the catalyst for a career in travel. The profound impact of this journey made me realise that I wanted to help others experience similar transformations. This trip to Lanzarote was not just about exploring a new destination but about discovering inner strength and the joy of solo travel.

In conclusion, my first solo trip to Lanzarote was a transformative experience. From the initial struggles to the ultimate sense of empowerment, it was a journey that shaped my outlook on travel and life. I hope to inspire others to embark on their own solo adventures, to embrace the highs and lows, and to discover the profound personal growth that comes with it.

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My first Solo Trip


My solo trip to Lanzarote began with a dropped phone, leaving me without GPS or internet. Navigating with a map and seeking help from locals, I initially felt sadness and loneliness. However, as days passed, this disconnection empowered me, turning the experience into one of growth and self-discovery.

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