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Green Travel

Travel is not sustainable...

At Life of Gini, we recognize that travel in its traditional form is rarely fully sustainable, especially when considering its ecological impact. Every trip inevitably involves some footprint. However, we believe it is possible to mitigate this impact while delivering meaningful impact to local economies and communities. Working with predominantly local partners who share our values of sustainability, we favor small-scale activities that not only support the local economy, but also minimize the impact on the natural environment.

Our approach strives to transform travel into a force for positive change. We focus on creating authentic experiences that respect and value local cultures and traditions. These carefully chosen activities are designed to minimize ecological impact while also maximizing economic benefits to local communities. By choosing sustainable practices and respectful interactions, we encourage deeper cultural understanding and appreciation, which not only enriches the personal development of our travelers, but also leaves a lasting impact on the communities visited.

At Life of Gini, sustainability is at the heart of every adventure. We are dedicated to creating travel experiences that are not only unforgettable, but also have a positive impact on the world!


How do we contribute?

Different transport types

Offering different types of transportation

Life of Gini works hard to make travel as sustainable as possible. So too in the type of transportation. Did you know that you can get anywhere within Europe pretty easily by train?

Local accommodations

Collaborating with local accommodations

We work primarily with small-scale local accommodations and will offer most trips outside the high seasons to avoid mass tourism.

Local activities

Collaborate with local activity providers

We offer mainly local activities, which means that most of the activities are organized by the locals of the destination. However, for some of our trips, we also have collaborations with small businesses. Our condition for this is that these companies are small-scale and located within the EU.

Invest & Donate

Life of Gini strives to invest and donate a portion of its profits to local initiatives. However, we are currently still in the start-up phase so our contribution in this will be limited for now. But once the company makes more profit, we certainly want to strive to make a big social impact!


What can you do?

Consider necessity of your trip

Is it really necessary to travel four times a year? By plane? Are there other alternatives to do this or can you adjust your travel budget so you can travel with a more sustainable alternative?

Consider taking the train as well

If the destination allows, prefer the train or other forms of public transportation to air travel. This can significantly save in CO2 emissions. Within Europe, train travel is free. Do count on additional costs and longer travel time if necessary.

Eat, do and buy local

Choose local eateries that use regional products, participate in authentic local activities and buy products that are locally produced. This promotes the local economy, reduces transportation emissions and enriches your travel experience through real cultural insights.

Collective effort

We at Life of Gini see sustainability as a shared responsibility. It is important to recognize that not every trip can be fully sustainable and that your travel budget plays a role in the decision-making process. So it’s okay if you sometimes choose a less sustainable option for practical reasons. What matters is the intention to make conscious choices whenever possible and to strive for continuous improvement in our travel behavior.

Together we can make a difference, one step at a time, towards a more sustainable future for all.

Person crossing a suspension bridge in the mountains, symbolizing adventure travel

Signature Strenghts

Why Life of Gini

Life of Gini specialises in solo travellers and travel buddies. We want you to feel empowered on your journeys. Not ready to travel solo? No worries, we also cater to conscious travellers seeking the same sense of empowerment!
Feel welcome and safe, regardless of your background. Life of Gini prioritises your comfort and safety at every step. This way, you can explore the world with confidence and enjoy a carefree travel experience.
Escape the beaten path. Embrace slow, conscious travel instead of rushing through a checklist. Experience destinations with the depth and authenticity they deserve, fostering meaningful connections with local communities and cultures.
Travel with peace of mind knowing you are contributing to a greener planet. We choose sustainable options and support local communities, so your adventure goes hand in hand with caring for the world.

Solo Reizen & Reismaatjes

Life of Gini specialiseert zich in solo reizigers en reismaatjes. We willen dat je je krachtig voelt tijdens je reizen. Niet klaar om alleen te reizen? Geen zorgen, we richten ons ook op bewuste reizigers die hetzelfde gevoel van empowerment zoeken!

Veiligheid & Inclusie

Voel je welkom en veilig, ongeacht je achtergrond. Life of Gini geeft prioriteit aan jouw comfort, veiligheid en inclusie in elke stap. Zo kun je met vertrouwen de wereld verkennen en genieten van een zorgeloze reiservaring.

Bewust & Verbonden

Ontsnap aan de gebaande paden. Omarm langzaam, bewust reizen in plaats van haastig een checklist af te werken. Ervaar bestemmingen met de diepgang en authenticiteit die ze verdienen, en bevorder betekenisvolle connecties met lokale gemeenschappen en culturen.

Duurzaam & Eerlijk Toerisme

Reis met gemoedsrust, wetende dat je bijdraagt aan een groenere planeet. Wij kiezen voor duurzame opties en ondersteunen lokale gemeenschappen, zodat jouw avontuur hand in hand gaat met zorg voor de wereld.


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